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Labourd way lamb

Ingredients : Lamb, onion, tomato, French beans, salt, black pepper, spices.

Origin : France, except lamb (Ireland) and tomato (Spain).

Best before :  4 years

Packaging : 850mL / 750 g / glass pot (for 2 people), 16,73€ / kg

Presentation : Heat it up slowly.

In Basque Country, at summertime, sherperds use to impale and roast a sheep over a big fire. That is how they celebrate shearing and transhumance with their friends and neighbours. This day is called «ZIRIKO PESTA ».
In winter, they cut in cubes and simmer the meat with vegetables. This is the recipe we propose you : Labourd way lamb, according to the name of one of the seven Basque provinces.
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